In the 1980's the Democrats could have impeached Ronald Reagan over Iran Contra but chose not to, for the good of the country. Back then we had Statesmen instead of Politicians who put the good of the country over Party Affliction. *LINK*

The most well-known and politically damaging of the scandals came to light in November 1986, when Ronald Reagan conceded that the United States had sold weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as part of a largely unsuccessful effort to secure the release of six U.S. citizens being held hostage in Lebanon. It was also disclosed that some of the money from the arms deal with Iran had been covertly and illegally funneled into a fund to aid the right-wing Contras counter-revolutionary groups seeking to overthrow the socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The Iran–Contra affair, as it became known, did serious damage to the Reagan presidency. The Democrats could have easily have impeached Reagan but the cooler heads of Teddy Kennedy and Tip O'Neil prevailed who argued that the United States didn't need another "Nixon Impeachment espisode".

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