A jolly wonderful Friday evening to all of My fellow Nimonians!! It's a rather quiet night for the World's Greatest TimeLord: after only a small bit of production work for John Stadtmiller at the RBN studio today, I watched a few Doctor Who reruns then I DELIVERED SOME PIZZAS!! Yes, I STILL DO that and I'm damned proud of it, too! NOBODY does it better and on a busy night I can still pull down a couple hundred bucks in tips because I ALWAYS get them there on time, still piping hot. And in the case of a local Hillel campus summer group order, I brought them TWELVE piping hot, extra large pies with extra cheese, anchovies and after dropping trow, some self added SPECIAL SAUCE as a bonus, ROTFLMTLAO!!!!!!!! Funny thing is, they called back later tonight to say that those were the BEST pizzas they'd ever eaten, BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! *NM*

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