Right. tRump is going to be impeached and maybe go to prison for "NOTHINGBURGER". You morons don't get it. NOBODY likes tRump and even less people like racist, antisemitic losers like nazis and klansmen. Learn from history. You guys lose EVERY time. And why? Because you're completely wrong. Plain and simple. Those filthy rodents in Gaza known as Palestinians (even though there's no such people) are going to be gone from there probably within a year. Holocaust Lie, also known as 'Revisionist' books are gone from Amazon. Racist antisemitic whites are going that way too. The Confederate monument removal is only a prelude to what's going to happen to nazi kkk types too. Guaranteed. You're on borrowed time and don't even know it. I pity people like that almost as much as I hate them. The idiots here are just laughable. *NM*

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