A Me. {{bowing humbly}} There once was a child that was mentally ill. He inherited some money, but paid none of his bills! A real estate mogul who thought he could deal...needing a bib and ketchup when he ate fancy meals. He built golf courses, casinos, and had products galore. All ending in bankruptcy, lawsuits, and more...! He bought his way into Reality TV. But this idiot -- trust me -- no one wanted to see...! His wives, and his children are really no better. They're complicit and sad, but each one a true debtor. One day he found a constituency. The uneducated dregs of society. These poor Sheeple were conned into following this fool. Living Proof they never went, or were kicked out of school. A failure at businesses, marriages...even telling the truth. Yep, Putin's LITTLE BITCH F--KED each voting booth...! Trumpty Dumpty said he'd build a great wall. He proclaimed Mexican "rapists" would pay for it all! He said "30 days and ISIS is over." Then stuck his nose in t *NM*

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