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Remember, I got completely, totally smashed by the Obama Regime's thuggish federal government. To this day, I am the ONLY living American media personality ever Imprisoned for writing an Editorial the feds didn't like. No other living American media personality can make that claim.

They said my OPINION was somehow a "threat." They arrested me, put me on trial, hung jury. They put me on trial a second time, HUNG JURY. By that time, I was Bankrupt from legal fees and from being under house arrest while out on $500,000 bail, so I ended up with a public defender, who threw me under the bus. They put me on trial an astonishing THIRD TIME and got their conviction.

33 Months in federal prison, then three more years Probation where I was forbidden by court order from running a web site or being on radio, utterly destroyed me.

Now I'm back; and I've got a chip on my shoulder for the federal government, the size of Mt. Everest. Those politically-correct scumbags haven't heard the last of me. I stick my finger in the eye of political correctness every time I take to the radio airwaves, making fun of all the "protected groups" and saying in public, what others only dare to THINK in private! I offer-up the same solutions used by the Founding Fathers, to deal with today's troubles - and it drives the lunatics on the Left, insane!

Even better, each time I allow callers on the air (anonymously) THEY get to stick THEIR finger in the eye of the "establishment" by talking about ideas, issues and opinions in the language of the common man. We don't have sensitive, fragile, snowflakes on this show!

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