Beddy collected $10k in lost bets from 7 Daleks. An 8th was also supposed to pay but in a fit of pique, decided he didn't want to. Welching on Beddy is a huge, usually fatal mistake. I won't describe the gory details, but let's just say that Joe Bednarsky gave a demonstration on some highly creative and effective uses of a can opener on the errant Dalek! After witnessing that, the other 7 Daleks paid Joe Beddy ANOTHER $10k out of fear, and as one of them accidentally fired a hole into the port side of Johnstadt's boat, they were going to pony up another $5k for the repair, when they decided instead to use the mangled corpse of the Dalek Beddy took the can opener to, and created an extremely neat patch job with the recycled steel, which they will sandblast, weld, prime & paint tomorrow at which time, John Stadtmiller, Joe Beddy & I will again plan out further strategies for the this Fall's programming on RBN! *NM*

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