Re: DARWIN AWARD CANDIDATE: Florida nigger sits on gun in his car and shoots his penis off.

For my wedding I wore the most beautiful and blindingly bright pink dress ever with beautiful a beautiful bright pink belt and an over 20 foot long blindingly bright pink train,the most blindingly bright pink high heeled platform boots that went up to my pussy, the most blindingly bright ink gloves, the most blindingly bright ink tiara and most blindingly bright pink headband and of curse my blindingly bright ink glasses which I always wear. Everything I wore was the most blindingly bright pink ever. It was the pinkest wedding ever by the hottest blondest longest haired, bluest eyed, fairest skinned whitest most beautiful white girl ever which is me getting married t the darkest blackest black man ever. I actually wear my wedding dress and everything I wore on my wedding day sometimes still because its so pink and so beautiful.

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