Re: Bleeding women SUCK!! Give me a bloody man ANYDAY!! YOU GO TRUMP!!!

You know I have seen this kind of stupid shit before. Blond Bombshell is, as far as I can see a lady of rather eligant beauty. I would be proud to call her my own. To call a white lady, Cunt, Bitch, Slut, Whore is as far as I am concerned vile behavior. It just shows that some guy has a secret love for a dick up his ass. You bastards that degrade her make me sick. I wonder if the reason that you like attacking her is because all youve got waiting for you at home is a threehundred and fifty pound, crosseyed, used up whore with a loose vigina and a terrible case of gas and bad breath.
Madam, I shall be thy Champion on this forum.
Hitlers Fagbasher.

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