Re: I was at Mar-a-lago that night and Trump was right. Mika was bleeding badly from her face. It was disgusting. EWWWW. Why the fuck did she go there like that? TRUMP IS BEST!!!

Hey Blue Eyed Blonde know you got a point there about blonde chicks, and by that I mean NATURAL blonde chicks (and more specifically LIGHT NATURAL BLONDE chicks, which I presume you are)...are the hottest around. Just reading your piece I get horny thinking about you and how hot and sexy you must look with that gorgeous, soft, silky, golden natural blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes...(I can picture you tossing your beautiful long blonde hair back while standing in the sun...and oooh I love how that fine, almost invisible golden "fuzz" on your arms glisten in the sun). Yes, you're absolutely other woman does it quite like a natural blonde...every feature that you have is geared toward making you appear more sexy and beautiful. Take for example, your super fair, rosy skin, your blonde eyebrows (which I always look for since they are a good indication of who's natural and who is a fake blonde), beautiful light pink lips etc. And let's not forget something which, although not talked about much, is very important in most men's minds --that is, anyone who's seen and experienced the parts of the body relating to sex of a natural blonde woman (blonde and very light down below)knows what I'm talking about. I assume you're "blonde all over" right, Blonde Blue Eyed Bombshell?

I have to admit that you do state things rather bluntly and to the point, and your choice of words could be better and not so hateful sounding. But I have to say that as a natural blonde, you speak the truth when you boast about how natural blonde women are the most desirable. You see proof every day I'm sure just by how men of all races lust after you.

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