Re: I have the need to spank crack ho.

U real sad man,why don't U save your-pathetic-self some time & money 4 therapy,U'd really give some shrink some work 2 do,like I said your lil boy Nigrino there - U completely missin my point here.
And I am a real blonde,and I'd bet that any time day or night I have way higher IQ then you,lil man.U really must have some serious issues 2 figure out this shite of answer from what I stated above.
And I have a degree in educating people man about AIDS!The only way I could ever b in risk of gettin it is only when I had my tattoo done,why don't U take a chill pill,don't stress yourself about me,man.I'll B a O.K.
Feel free 2 come back at me,U couldn't touch me if I felt UR breath on my shoulder,man.

Like my girl Heather B said - 'Only me I can lose 2.'

One love.

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