Re: So this is what Hate & Flame has devolved into: posts from real people, "Nimonians", are "moderated", while the forum's being mindlessly flooded by "bots" with posts from many years ago on other sites. Same thing at NimBusters, almost: bot spam minus the moderation (rah, rah!). Stan & Mickey at least knew how to run a forum. The current admin does not.

What u sayin here bout black people specially men,it's just plain jealousy.
And don't even try 2 front on me,I really didn't wanna say nothin on this pathetic subject,but I thought you was kinda missin a point here.

It's all because every thing any man of any colour in the world does in life is in the first place 2 impress women,so naturally white men are helpless in some areas + any sport they decide 2 overtake is theirs in matter of few years - all a lot of other areas in day2day life,and what can a little white men do?Bitch about it.
And if u wanna talk about crime-rate,I've been a 'victim' of crime 3 times in my life(I wouldn't ever call myself a victim or anything like that),first was a attempt,1st & 2nd was by a black hand ,but a 3rd 1 was by a pathetic lil whitey - which was far more inhuman and cruel then anything I could expect from black people,I would never let anything like that ever bring me down.When u look at all the things white people has done 2 people in the history and I'm not just talkin bout black people - just check movie 'Rosewood'.That was really fvcked up.

Please - you never read their mail about how many times white people change their color - sun,TBC,dying....

I rest my case.

One love.

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