Re: So this is what Hate & Flame has devolved into: posts from real people, "Nimonians", are "moderated", while the forum's being mindlessly flooded by "bots" with posts from many years ago on other sites. Same thing at NimBusters, almost: bot spam minus the moderation (rah, rah!). Stan & Mickey at least knew how to run a forum. The current admin does not.

I'm a natural blonde with very long hair and i get lots of comments and attention. I would never dye my hair brown cause it wouldn't feel right since blonde is my natural color and i'm happy with it. I don't really see a big deal with brunettes and blondes. Everyone is beautiful in thier own way. I don't think i'm better then any brunette and i never brag about being a blonde. I have friends who are brunettes and some of them dyed thier hair blonde, I'm the only natural blonde out of my friends and they don't act any better then me. Most of past boyfriends were eaither blonde or brunette but they never really judged me cause of hair color, just my attitude and personality which is more important

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