Re: I regret nothing /// NOTHING //// NOTHING BITCHES

Let's assume we could win this mental warfare, we would always have to continue the fight and could never get lazy about it again. As soon as we get slack and apathetic the mind altering "seed" of the enemy would sprout up quickly all over again.

I disagree with the statement though that the mass media is the foundation of the elite power structure and that without domination of the mass media the elite power structure is a house of cards. There is a lot more to this.

The foundation of power is money based. They who can control the money, the money flow and distribution, and those who gather the most assets, they are the ones who have the most power and influence. The international banking system is not an operation of the various nations' governments. No, it is a privately owned and operated system. It has over time gained enough power to get total influence over us from every angle of society. We are owned. As long as we are owned, how can we win the mind-war?

Under jewish Communism the Middle Class was destroyed and the bulk of the population suffered the daily grind of poverty with alcoholism becoming a huge problem. The wealthy few who owned the impoverished lot kept up the supply of cheap alcohol.

Alcohol, drugs, even music have an influence on mens' minds.Those influences will keep the crowd in bondage. Nobody who is continuously exposed to a pleasure-comes-first society will have enough strength to do much battle.

We must be alert to all the dangers which we get into because the people around us want their fix first and to hell with the consequences.

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