Re: Here's how it works: Zionist Jews manipulate white nations to go to war against Muslim nations for Israel; this results in a refugee crisis. Leftist Jews, who want a godless, borderless world, push for those white countries to take in the refugees. Then, Zionist Jews manipulate the refugees to create Islamophobia to wage MORE wars for Israel in the Middle East. The cycle keeps repeating itself until there is only a one world government run by Jews. GET IT?

Social Control Through Mental Health Manipulation Via Drugs and Chemicals

One of the generally overlooked method of control over men's minds is through drugs and other chemical compounds. We all know that drugs can make us docile, give us hallucinations or make us feel agitated.

Drugs are being prescribed which are meant to control the behavior of schoold children and mental patients alike.

They will tell us that they put fluoride into our drinking water in order to save our teeth, yet we probably will not be told of the research by Prof. Roger Masters of Dartmouth University which shows a relationship between silicofluorides in water supplies and a higher rate of crime and violent behavior.

Silicofluorides increases the uptake of lead from the environment, and lead alters a brain's chemistry which causes anger and loss of self-control.

I have mentioned only a small sample of the way we are being mind altered by mental health treatments, often without us ever realizing what is being done to us. At News with Views is an article which explains how extensive and wide ranging the attack on us is from all sides. These attacks are not accidental but by design.

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