Re: Donald Trump will be lucky to make it through his first term unimpeached

A long time ago in trailer trash land there lived a comically distorted figure Snow white ride, he lived there with his grotesquely obese momma his tenth step pappy Billy Bob and a vast selection of blow up dolls his favourite being Jolly Molly.
His step pappy was the town idiot, a title he relished and protected.
"beer can in my hand, who is the dumbest in the land" his pappy said.
"there is only one to who is dumb with pride, that is your step son snow white ride" said the er.. beer can
His step pappy was angry so he called upon his son from his forth marriage to take snow white ride into Gizzly Adams territory and drag him head first until his death.....
Sadly his son Billy Rick Dane Bill Bob did not want to waste a good rope so he dumped snow white ride in Gizzly Adams territory.
The mentally challenged snow white ride came across a trailer with seven beds, seven plates, and seven severe acne remover. He fell asleep and was awoken by a one little dwarf waxing his ass, then another, until all seven gave snow white ride a sore ass, he enjoyed the experience so much that when a desperate beautiful hot, hot, hot white woman with blue eyes and big titties came looking for a fuck he said
"i'd rather stay and whistle why I jerk.

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