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It's funny you should bring VallasPatriot into this. I have been going over the archives here, and noticed he is the only one you wrote pages of horeshit about, and tried to start an endless pissing match with, clouding the board with nothing but shit, that never actually pointed out you did not have a wife. All he said basically said was; this is the interent, people can not tell if you have a wife or not, they will make fun of you, because people like to say things to others they can't say in should go on an on about your beauty, without a picture. Without some kind of proof people have no reason to believe you are as beautiful as you say Which is true. Someone who really was stunning, would not have to keep assuring the world they were. And furthermore would not need assurence from strangers, on the net, when they get so much from people in the real world. But this was after he said one thing, that gave you an excuse to write such endless pages of horseshit and disrupt the board. I don't know what the idiot Hitler Fagbasher's fiance said to make YOU talk about wanting to let niggers gangrape her and have her killed or some sick Jew theme in the movies you people produce daily. If this punk an dimwit Roehm's rumpranger was a man and not a jagoff with a sock doll, he at the least would not speak to some guy, you, that made such vile threats against his "woman."

I have repeatidly said, you could end all doubts and give your cell phone number, or ask for anyone elses in a PM here that you claim is your friend her. Block the call if you lick. And call them up so they confirm you are white, and 2 seperate people. But we both know, they wouldn't be able to do that don't we? So of course you will totally avoid answering that one

I know you can say you have a blonde blue eyed white wife until you are blue in the face, because it does not mean anything at all for the kind of group you probably belong to. Not only does your sick religion permit it, it requires you to do so. To take the burden off of cheating the goy.

See the paragraph above this

You are a despicable cuntface. You seem boderline psychotic inbred and not have matured beyond the age of 10 (unless this is a bad Jew comedy routine) and show how fucked up you are to go to such lengths for such a small board, you narotic nickel nose. But I'm sure this is not the only one you do. Unless you are genuiley this fucking pathetic. I could smash your head in without thinking twice.

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