Re: It's called projection. Mickey the Teepee Peeper thinks he can fool us into believing he's a white man by accusing Lloyd of being an injun, but anybody with two functioning eyes can see that Lloyd is a Grade-A aryan beefcake.

The girl at the hotflation link is so fucking hot and she looks so fucking hot in all dressed in blindingly bright pink and dressed like a dominatrix.

She has a facebook page too

She would be by far the hottest girl I have ever seen if it weren't for one thing. Too bad she's a nasty niggerlover which makes her the ugliest bitch ever. I remember when I first saw the picture I had the biggest hard on ever and thought she was so unbelievably hot and she ahs such incredibly beautiful super long blonde hair and all that pink she's wearing makes her even hotter but when I saw she was a nasty niggerlover she became the ugliest bitch ever and made me wanna puke. Seems so many hot natural blonde blue eyed white girls now a days are dating, marrying, and having kids with black men.Why such a hot natural blonde blue eyed white girl who dresses so hot would want anything to do with let alone fuck marry and have kids with a nasty nigger is beyond me. For some reason too it seems like girls who wear pink a lot seem to be niggerlovers. Which is a shame since girls look so hot in pink.

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