Re: ... you get ta sun burn on your neck?

Sabrina makes a comment above that if you look at the popular media, you would think the only women who find love and marriage are blondes. I agree that the statement may not be too far from the truth. That must explain the explosion of fake blondes, since women are becoming more and more aware that love and romance could be had in a much more prevalent way when one is blonde.

I've also noticed, from my observation of others and my own experiences, that when it comes to marriage or a long-term relationship, guys usually seek out blondes. The reason behind this phenomenon, I would guess, is that blonde women represent the "ultimate" in feminine beauty, and our ocassional encounter with the gorgeous blonde serves to remind us guys of this fact. No other woman is able to stroke the male libido in the same way, or invoke feelings of lust, as a hot blonde does. Thus, when such encounters do occur, so long as a guy is at the time with another blonde, then such lustful feelings seldom result in frustration and want. If, on the other hand, one is not, it is often the case that the feelings of lust are accompanied by feelings of frustration at not being able to experience the best. Because of this, guys will seldom refuse opportunities to be with a blonde even under extreme circumstances. Beautiful blonde women have no doubt been a major cause of marital infidelity. As Naturally very blonde floor length haired Swedish girl states above, guys of all races in every country of the world lusts after her...I'm sure she could attest to the fact that she can pretty much get whatever guy she wants -- is that right?

But looks aren't everything, and so those women who are not naturally blonde, or those who cannot pass for or look good as a blonde, can comfort themselves in the fact that "less than the best" looks coupled with a fabulous character and good personality can still bring love and romance their way...just not to the same degree that blonde women experience.

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