Re: That's nothing. UF eats, sleeps, and dreams of Obama's big black dick 24/7 but he claims he's not a faggot.

It was so refreshing to see the comment by "Naturally very blonde floor length haired Swedish girl." She really does speak the truth and sums up the reality that everyone knows but is often afraid to say --that unbiased men of every ethnicity I'm aware of in almost all cases prefer natural blonde (esp. "light" natural blonde) women over all others. No one can deny that when a blonde woman, even an "average" looking one (although admittedly most natural blonde women I've encountered in my life are usually hot or at least above average), walks into a room, all heads, male and female, turn to look. The males look in lust, while the females, as Ms. Natural Blonde Swedish Babe writes, usually look with jealousy, envy or even hostility. But hey, it's not the blonde's fault that she was born blessed with golden hair, blue eyes and fair rosy skin. Nor should she be ashamed of it...rather I think she should be proud of her looks and flaunt it. That would certainly make me and a lot of other guys happy! Just picturing Naturally Very Blonde Floor Length Haired Swedish Girl makes me so that's powerful!

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