Re: ... you get ta sun burn on your neck?

Back when I was in elementary school in the late 1990′s (I was about 8 or 9 at the time) there was this really dark black kid in my class. He was about the darkest I had ever seen. He definitely looked fully black. One day we heard his mother was coming by . One guy said they had seen his mother before and that she was really hot. Then we saw her and all of our jaws literally dropped. She was without a doubt by far the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. We all thought she was gonna be black and very dark but instead she was as blonde blue eyed and white as you can get with out being albino and her hair was so incredibly long and beautiful. She had extremely long naturally very blonde hair(so blonde it was almost white) that was longer than she was tall, the bluest brightest most beautiful eyes you ever seen, a very beautiful face and smile, an awesome body , big boobs, and the fairest and most beautiful complexion you ever seen. Her hair was so long silky straight shiny and in the bets condition you've ever seen. Also she was all dressed in blindingly bright pink and wearing blindingly bright pink high heeled shoes and a blindingly bright pink headband earrings and necklaces. Which made her look even more beautiful bright and shiny. Anyways me and everyone else were complimenting her on her beautiful hair and telling her how incredibly beautiful she was.In addition to being unbelievably gorgeous and having such beautiful incredibly long hair she was also very nice too. She told us that her son's birthday was coming up soon and that if we wanted we could all come over as they were having a big party for it. I of course was one of the many who went and I got to see her husband and he was even darker than her son as we had expected obviously since she was as white as you can get. He still is by far the darkest skinned person I've ever seen with that kid and his brother and sisters the next darkest. I actually thought it was quite beautiful and lovely seeing such a woman so white blonde blue eyed fair skinned and beautiful with a man that was darker than the darkest night with several very dark skinned kids and I told them that and they thanked ,me and told me not everyone is as accepting of their relationship. I made it a point to try and go over there as much as I can after that I still know keep in contact and see them to this day and it's always such a lovely sight and seeing her and her husband together with her beautiful longer than floor white blonde hair that she always wears down swinging and dancing around as she walks and wrapping around and spilling onto her husbands pitch black skin is just so incredibly sexy.Not to mention she still doesn't look a day older than when I first saw her. As a matter of fact she still looks only about in her late teens.
Another girl that I know with really long hair is this girl I've known since high school. I remember the first day of school 2002 there was this girl with very blonde extremely long hair as long as she is tall. with very beautiful and very bright light blue eyes and very fair skin like the other girl except of course she was younger. They both are still the blondest bluest eyed fairest skinned whitest non-albino people I've ever seen. Not to mention the most beautiful too. And this girls hair is also veyr beautiful bright shiny silky and in very good condition too. Anyways I became good friends with her . She already had a boyfriend which she's married to today . He also is a very very dark black man. As a matter of fact about as dark as the husband of the other girl. They also look very beautiful lovely and sexy together and they have two very dark half black kids together so far. It seems like natural blonde white women with very blonde floor length hair seem to have a thing for very dark black men which I actually find to be very sexy and of course ever guy seems to have a thing for hot natural blondes with very blonde floor length beautiful hair. I think women with naturally very blonde floor length hair are incredibly sexy indeed and I don't know what it is but I just think there's something so sexy about a naturally very blonde blue eyed fair skinned floor length haired white woman being maried to and having kids with a pitch dark black man.

BTW I just wanted to add that both of these very beautiful extreme long haired natural blonde beauties that i just posted about also always wear their hair down(at leats whenever I see them) which of course makes them all that much hotter and sexier.

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