Re: Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

This show is horrible. A stain on the otherwise great and successful Stargate franchise. Not only is the show boring and predictable and VERY derivative (BSG, Lost, Big Brother, Melrose Place, etc), its dreary and the characters are totally unlikeable. The few scored of "10" on this site stand out as being completely contrived and fake. The messages these fly by people are making are canned and sound silly when you have actually seen the show. I gave it 5 episodes before I stopped watching live, and after seeing Life, I removed it from my DVR recording schedule. It completely blows and shoulod be canceled. I cant see it getting past a second season (its already approved). Ratings will tank even lower than the 1.3m for the "cliffhanger" The DVDis not selling well, and the reviews are horrible at Amazon. Dont be fooled by the shills posting "10" ratings.

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