Re: I don't get it. Is MTT saying Lloyd is an injun?

I cant believe this "Adam" dude is defending SGU. I loved SG-1, SGA, and the movies (Original, Continuum and Ark of Truth). SGU does not belong in the Stargate franchise, and it is no longer science fiction. Its drama, and not very good drama. What were they thinking? I believe they wanted to take the best of Lost, BSG and Melrose Place and set it in space...then they slapped the Stargate name on it and set one up on the ship to tie it in with the Stargate franchise. OF COURSE we will compare it to SGA and SG-1, and OF COURSE we will yell loudly that this crap is not Stargate.

Adam is a schill. His arguments are absent...he is just defending his position without explaining why. And anyone reading this thread will easily see that. Are the studios THAT desperate to keep the flame lit for SGU? LOL.

Tell you what, no matter if there is a second season approved, without viewers and with sinking ratings that means NOTHING except cancellation. Advertisers want to back science fiction shows that people watch, not fake space-drama shows that make people grab tissues and chocolate.

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