Re: If you wear a codpiece made of water

So, if somebody disagrees with the show and does not like it, they are trolls? And you would just have them shut up and move along so you dont have to hear it? Sorry, but NO.

Unlike most every sci-fi franchise, only Stargate and Star Trek have been around as long as 15 years. The original BSG was not a drama so I dont count that. But the point is that Stargate fans have invested up to 15 years and hard earned money on DVD box sets, and who knows what else. Fan power changes things. In the case of Star Trek, it re-ignited the original show, and is technically now on its SECOND reboot. It has been shaped largely by its fans.

SGU was an experiment. It has failed, and I have as much right to speak out about it here and elsewhere as you do. Why not post all the wonderful things you love about SGU and simply ignore what you dont like? This forum already has moderators, and I seriously doubt you are one of them.

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