The Impeachment of Trump and why it will happen *LINK*

In September of 2006, nearly six years into the presidency of George W. Bush, 29 percent of voters — nearly all Democrats — thought that he should be impeached.

Similarly, in November, 2014, six years after Barack Obama won office, 30 percent of voters — mostly Republicans — thought that he, too, deserved that fate.

President Trump, reached the 30 percent level in February 2017, one month into his presidency, the Public Religion Research Institute found.

That after six years three in ten voters favored the impeachment of Bush and Obama was a reflection of the depth of polarization in the country. The speed at which Trump reached that number is something else altogether.

A May 16 survey by Public Policy Polling, a partisan Democratic firm generally rated as credible, found that the pro-impeachment numbers for Trump had shot up to 48 percent, with 41 percent opposed.

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