Ok, fellow Nimonians, I have some potentially BIG news for you as you all eagerly await the premiere of the reconstituted, retooled ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT later this year. The details are...

...along with John Stadtmiller, we have a mutually agreed upon start date falling sometime in late October or early November. However, I have received promising overtures from The Jeff Rense Network to take OTDF there instead. Mr. Rense called Me in person to inform Me that he'd be willing to give Me a nightly 2 or 3 hour timeslot, Monday through Friday. This is an extremely impressive and robust offer in light of the fact that Stadtmiller, who's a longtime personal friend, only has a 2 hour slot, 3 nights per week for the show at this time.

So, I pose this question to you, My fellow Nimonians: I am acutely aware that for all of you, there could never, EVER be too many hours of ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT broadcast in a single week, or ever, so, do I take the deal of more airtime proffered by Rense, who only recently informed Me that he's been an admirer of ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT for many years, or do I stay with the deal offered by My good friend John Stadtmiller and keep My Fall launch date at Republic Broadcasting Network with fewer, on-air hours?

I greatly anticipate your responses, My fans, My children., My sycophants, My lackeys, My hangers-on. ;-)

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