HELLOOOOOOOO fellow Nimonians!!!!!!! How are you this positively enchanting Saturday evening, eh? I'm busy partying hardy with my good friend and broadcasting colleague at RBN, John Stadtmiller at his secluded, vacation getaway house!!

I won't tell you where it is, but I will tell you it is a positively GORGEOUS piece of real estate with a tennis court, olympic sized swimming pool and veranda with a spectacular view!! We've been busy hashing out the details of my new and reconstituted ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT, all set to premiere on his Republic Broadcasting Network later this year. Yes, it was supposed to be last year, but a few prior commitments forced Me to put the project on hiatus and instead help co-produce some of John's other RBN shows. Steve Holsten was helping Me do this and was also all set to be My co-host on OTDF, but his refusal to stop supporting the odious enemy of white people, Hal Turner, has regrettably forced John Stadtmiller and Me to cut Holsten loose and permanently sever all ties with him. More on the progress of the show as it develops.

I will of course be up bright and early tomorrow morning for my daily 5 mile run and solid hour of weight training (all on premesis!) prior to more partying with Stadtmiller and some "lady friends" beginning early tomorrow evening and continuing through Monday, Memorial Day, heheh!

I will again communicate with you, My followers, My lackeys, My sycophants, My hangers-on, VERY soon. Until that glorious time, arrivederci! ;-)

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