Hal Turner heroically risked his life infiltrating WN groups in order to catch them in the act of committing the crimes they're famous for. Unfortunately, Hal wasn't able to catch any white racists in the act of committing crimes, so the very same FBI for whom Hal was working and being paid, thanklessly put Hal in jail instead.

Fortunately for all of us who support a multicultural America, this didn't dampen Hal's spirit in the least and turn him against the government which looks out for all of us and protects our freedoms, thus, Hal is still extremely proud of his service to our country, as well he should be. True, Hal was unable to contribute the demise of the odious wackjob Edgar Steele (good riddance), but circumstances beyond Hal's control, specifically Hal's unfair and unjustified incarceration, prevented his participation at that time.

I have donated large sums to Hal in the past, and once I get the motor on my electric wheelchair tuned, replace the seat I accidentally shit all over last week and obtain new tires, as soon as I have the funds, I will again donate heavily to Hal Turner and support him in his quest for a multicultural America. For any of the nigger dick suckers around here who doubt my admiration for and dedication to Hal Turner, I refer you to my comment here: