Greetings again, fellow Nimonians! It pains me deeply to burden you with news of a melancholy nature, especially in the middle of a beautiful Spring weekend, but this is something I cannot in good conscience withhold from you any longer. It is, with a heavy heart, that I announce to you my parting of the ways with my former best friend of many years, Steve Holsten.

My Former Great Hero has opted to continue to support, morally as well as financially, the despicable race traitor, Hal Turner (assuming Turner's not really a jew as some evidence suggests). White people are under siege in the U.S. and Europe and instead of supporting and defending the White race, Turner accepted pay from the F.B.I. in order to entrap racially aware White people even though in all of his years as a fed asset, Turner never ONCE flipped over to the White side after figuring out that the REAL criminal activity is not being committed by White people, but rather, by the hyper-Zionist, pro-Israel government which was signing Turner's paychecks and eventually sent Turner to prison to be anally raped in ways not dissimilar to what occurs every time Arty bends Pete Jefferson over.

A real White man would have figured out who's who and who's jew after all of that. Turner never did, thus, I have come to the conclusion that Turner is probably not White and that Steve Holsten is also probably not White and just as much of a human byproduct for continuing to support Turner as is Turner himself. :-(