Lloyd's first time.....

A hot Summer's day in Alabama... in a rickety tree-house with a crudely
hand-painted sign reading "NO GURLS ALOUD" a lonely fat kid is nailing
wooden laths into a mighty sword... he folds a colored Sunday newspaper
page into a jaunty hat...

Donning the newspaper hat and with the wooden sword tucked beneath his
protruding belly, he makes a clumsy descent from the treehouse.. the
lonely fat kid waddles over to a red Huffy bike with its basket full of
rotten fruit...

Leading a powerful but imaginary army of Nutsakkkian soldiers, the lonely
fat kid slowly pedals the cheap overloaded bike near the home of the
town's Jewish tailor...

the lonely fat kid splatters a rotten tomato
against the aluminum siding, and in a high-pitched voice, squeaks "Take
that, Christ-killer"!

The lonely fat kid pedals away as fast as he can... a tell-tale Brown
Stain is visible on the seat of the red Huffy bicycle...

Lloyd is still crapping in his size 50 waist pants. Every time the landlord
comes to evict him for non-payment of rent on his HUD hovel single-wide trailer. And,
every time there is a knock on his door.