Re: Baseball. A worthless "Ball Sport" that does not build character. Baseball has a history of being rigged. The fans have left the fields because the mostly jew and zionist owners care more about themselves and how much money they can scam taxpayers out of with a new stadium for a bunch of half bred shit skin fuck ups that HATE the USA nad HATE the white fans that pay for the high priced parking fees, ten dollar hot dogs, 15 dollar beers and outrageous bleeder seat ticket prices. Most of the players could not do anything else in USA society, and after they leave the field most of them don't go on to have any meaningful success. It is a game by losers for losers. Yea, nothing about the crime and corruption against White people in the USA has changed much over the last 100+ years in baseball. Except for the FACT that less seats are sold every year. Baseball sure SPITS alot, they spit on the fans while they itch their STD infected crotches.

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