Re: FACT: Dr NewsKIKE will blow you for a bucket of Colonel's chicken. Lardass Lloyd knows this and gets a massive 2 inch boner everytime he passes a KFC.

Paskell Eugene Paris? DOC#:127605!topic/* newsguy

Paskell Paris
215 43rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

No, Roger hasn't been "committed" for beating his mommy or even arrested for
it... But YOU have been in Federal prison haven't you, Paskell Eugene Paris?

Name: Paris, Paskell E
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Height:5ft 8in
Birth Date:07-JAN-1962
FBI #:463278DA5
OSBI #:515550
Reception Date:08-JUN-1994
Contact Phone:Inactive Out
Current Facility: 127605
Discharge from prison date:31-MAY-1997

Alias Name Type Last Name First Name Middle Init
Alias Paris Paskell E

Body Marks Body Part Description
No row returned.

Sentence Details Crf Num Convict Date County Offense Term Prob Rel Date
93-4237 23-MAY-1994 Oklahoma County False Pret Or Bogus Check Over $50/Con G
5Y/0M/0D 07-JUN-1999
93-7215 23-MAY-1994 Oklahoma County Poss Of Credit Card Belonging To Another
3Y/0M/0D 07-JUN-1997
93-7215 23-MAY-1994 Oklahoma County Misuse Of Forged/Counterfeit/Suspended D
3Y/0M/0D 07-JUN-1997
93-7215 23-MAY-1994 Oklahoma County Forgery 2nd - Notes, Checks, Bills, Draf
3Y/0M/0D 07-JUN-1997
82-51 26-APR-1985 Marshall County Rec/Poss/Conc Stolen Property 4Y/0M/0D

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