by Pepe Frogger, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 16:18 (26 days ago)

Melinda Shanker as 10-13 year old Tatiyana the black/indian/trinidadaian girl wasbegging 10-13 year old Jeannette mccurdy as Cheyanne jenneetee for the grenn icicle dodo stick to put in her dick to melt her white, so she could move with her to newyork where the proposed townhouses apartments were to be bult making 95th west street. they were at the feild in detroit where proposed cody rouge park is to be bulit, so. cheyanne jennette told Tataiyana that she must first beaat up dr watson here&kill him along with proffessor moriyant So Tataiyna killed moriati&watson. After that she told her "lets get on with it. cheyanne told her "I acnt. she asked "what do you mean you cant now" she told her "I wont, its hard to get tose to mixed. she protested "dont do this to me just give me the damn dodo stick' she said no. then she picted up one of the gun shooters&threatnet to shoot her. She said if you shoot me then it will start melting. She said the dodo stick give me the fucking dodo stick. After that cheyanne ran up the hill putting it in her mouth, Then Tataiyana jumoed her grabbing her leg so they were both fighting barenaked to. Tatiyana stuck macaroni"nNcheese up cheyannes ass, then she started to fuck her in the ass mixing the macroni""NNcheese up with her shit. Then she pooped all over her balls&cock. After that cheyanne stood up on the hill holding tatainya over her head with her macaroni'"ncheese pooped ball&cock rubbing in her hair&knocking on her head to. Then they both fell down the hill&wrestled for almost half an hour with sherlock holmes&Sato kuji wachting. Tataina fucked her in the nose while blowing all her snot out on her cock, then she ejaculate alot&mpiss alot into her nose, Then she wrapped her hairs all around her balls&cock. Then she ejaculate more&piss more soaking all her hair up all over her head. After that sherlock holmes shot cheyanne in the head&shot tatiyan in the throat So Tatina layed on the hill with her legs wrapped around cheyannes head along with her soaked hairs on her face snubbing on her balls&cock. Sherolck&sato patted jamacian beef patties on atatiyana tits&they both left them there like that. when all the macaronincheese mixed with the feces were all dissolved &abrobed into her balls&cock she ejcaulate even more&piss even more all over cheyannes face&when she was done she died out after losing so much conciousness then&so did cheyanne.

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