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Backlinks univ cne Mai 2018

by DavidGon @, Italy, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 07:41 (6 days ago)

Coming from a simple annex to a modern day and multidisciplinary university or college through exceptional achievements.

About March 29, 1968, Chief executive Houari BOUMEDIENE laid the foundation stone of the University of Constantine in whose official "birth certificate" was Ordinance Number 69. 56 of June 17, 69. As a reminder, the university center of Constantine was established by the decree of 1961 authorized by the President of french Republic and creating in Algeria two school centers: one in Oran and the other in Constantine.

Nevertheless , one must know that advanced schooling in Constantine commenced prior to creation of this university centre with the opening, in 1958, of an annex of college of Regulation of the University of Algiers. This structure, located at the favorite University (currently Abdelhamid BENBADIS located in back of the Grande Poste in metropolis center), provided Constantinois students enrolled at the University theoretical education of the first two years of law degree and the preparation of the degree in law.

About 1962, the university centre expands and then includes 04 (four) pedagogical devices.

The college of Treatments and Pharmacy within the hospital.
The Literary School installed in the Medersa.
The Scientific College, located at the vocational training center in Bellvue.
The Institute of Legal Analyses located at the Householder's University.
In the wake of independence, at the beginning of the 62 academic year, the higher education will be educated in Constantine in a few specific specialties, such as Letters and 'languages', Exact Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy. She remained certain under the pedagogical oversight of the faculties under the University of Algiers. The students, few during the time, were supervised by professors recruited mostly as complex cooperants and had very little didactic resources such as documentation and technological equipment for experimentation, showing and research.

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