RG STair (Brother Stair) of Walterboro accused of underage sexual contact with a Minor in a NEW video !!! - Nimbusters

RG STair (Brother Stair) of Walterboro accused of underage sexual contact with a Minor in a NEW video !!!

by XMAS Fruitcakes, Monday, October 02, 2017, 05:10 (17 days ago)

Looks like Lloyd's favorite shortwave radio preacher and
batshit crazy perverted old man is going to JAIL very soon !!!!

16yo white girl accuses him of fingering her puss-suss and fondling her breasts
ON VIDEO at the link below.....

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUOT31UI1W4

(kiss Profit Stair goodbye Lloyd!! He's going the same way as Tony Alamo!!)

She obviously made that up as she went along. Looks like she is reading from a teleprompter or a flip chart or something.

by Tommy Stair, Thursday, October 05, 2017, 16:45 (13 days ago) @ XMAS Fruitcakes

- No text -

You wish that were true! Fact's are the Colleton County Sheriffs Office has opened an Investigation into Stair's latest allegations of GROPING and SEXUAL CONTACT with Minors (LINKS attached)

by Fake Perv Preachers, Friday, October 06, 2017, 02:46 (13 days ago) @ Tommy Stair

The self-proclaimed local prophet known as the Rev. Ralph Gordon Stair is again under Official Criminal Investigation, this time for inappropriately touching at least one juvenile girl. The ongoing investigation against Stair (!!) initiated last week when local law enforcement officers were notified of an incident that shows Stair “cupping” a 12-year-old juvenile girl’s breasts.

“The incident occurred in their congregation, in public, and in front of numerous witnesses” said Lt. Tyger Benton, spokesman for the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office. This is the agency currently investigating Stair.


Also THIS......

On the morning of Oct. 2, the investigations division of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation of Ralph G. Stair, the 84-year-old leader of Overcomer Ministry. An incident report among the sheriff’s office list of calls handled on Oct. 1 included the report of a 1:30 a.m. call to the sheriff’s office from an Ohio woman, who reportedly has a relative who is a member of Stair’s church in Colleton County.

The woman called to express her concern about a pair of videos that were posted on the You Tube website on Sept. 30. One video focused on a young woman who alleged she was targeted ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS by Stair for sexual advances while she was at Stair’s Augusta Highway compound. The second video, a collection of clips of Stair’s church services, allegedly showed him suggestively touching underage females during church services.

Several Officers of Colleton County Sheriffs Office, including Colleton County Sheriff Andy Strickland, viewed the videos shortly after they were posted.
What Strickland saw in the videos, said Lt. Tyger Benton, the public information officer for the sheriff’s office, has their Department "very concerned.”


RG STair (Brother Stair) of Walterboro accused of underage sexual contact with a Minor in a NEW video !!!

by FinestCarp1234, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 09:55 (19 hours, 39 minutes ago) @ XMAS Fruitcakes

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