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The Life of Lloyd

by Polly W4FQF, Friday, July 07, 2017, 21:10 (15 days ago)

Bodacious is a whole lotta' pork
over two hundred ninety pounds, a dumbass dork.
He's born in Missouri
and he's the dumbest sonofabitch around here.
If a pig faced pizza boy ever were a super star
then Porky just might be the owner of a gay bar.
He's a ghastly pale porker, has been,
full-fledged, mentally ill pizza delivery boy.

Who's gonna ride Bodacious?
Steve Holsten!
Who's gonna tame him down?
Steve Holsten!
Who's gonna turn him face down?
Steve Holsten!
Here comes Bodacious,
He's so fat you have to turn him on his side.
Big and bad Bodacious
takes a Pedo like Holsten to get a ride.

Young Bo met a man named Steve Holestain
at the start of his gay fuckin' game
and Holestain became one of the few to blow his whistle
back when you used to cornhole in fields of thistle.
Steve tried to ride Bo again last Thanksgiving
But Porky bucked him of, he didn't feel like giving.
Bodacious had got a little older and wiser
About Aids, Pedo's and Budweiser.....

That's right, Polly!

by W4LLI Billy Jack Moore, Friday, July 07, 2017, 21:16 (15 days ago) @ Polly W4FQF

Grow up, try college, drop out, deliver pizzas, buy a computer, flame any and all message boards, Usenet, etc. Get my ass kicked by Roger, run off to Nim Busters board.......

Find a homo buddy in Steve Holsten.........

Get my ass kicked day after day with no end in sight.....

Nominate yourself as the B.A.R.F. Chief of Communications, the members of B.A.R.F. laugh at and ridicule you.....

Pretend that you are a member of the Stumpjumpers, when they all despise you.....

Pretend I am a time traveler and command an army of trash can robots.....

Try to pretend I have a talk show on the internet, talk in a high pitched voice and say that it is a dalek.....

Make more threats, "I will Law You," etc........

Pretend to have a brother named Jim Davies who is a lawyer.....

Pretend to be a female named Christy Davies who is yet another lawyer

Open the door when Oris came by and piss and shit myself and cry and plead for him to leave me alone..........

Talk tough and when confronted, run and hide......

Be nominated for best internet punching bag nine years running.....

That is the 43 year old virgin, Lloyd Austin Davies, internet retard and biggest loser on planet earth!

"Take the Cow Pattie outta yer mouth boy! I can't understand a word yer sayin..!!"

by Big Al, K4OKA - 'The Caring Station', Friday, July 07, 2017, 22:38 (15 days ago) @ W4LLI Billy Jack Moore


That's right, Polly!

by Trump Is The Greatest President Ever, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 19:38 (12 days ago) @ W4LLI Billy Jack Moore

Damn, the desires to suck Lloyd & Steve's dicks are running high today!

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