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Alabama and Lloyd...

by Lard Busters, Inc., Saturday, January 20, 2018, 21:22 (271 days ago)

Alabama.. there are people there who cannot add and subtract, cannot read a newspaper, and do not know what the term, "9/11" means.
Over forty percent of the children are born to an unwed mother.In terms of heart and kidney disease, infant mortality, fatal highway accidents and contaminated drinking water, they are ranked among the worst in the nation. Their politicians are an embarrassment and give avarice and mendacity a bad name.

So, in one sense, Lloyd has bettered himself by losing yet another shitty pizza job and moved back with his parents in Belle Plaine, Iowa. Forget that he has yet to find full time employment and works but two days a week in a local thrift store. You know, the kind of places he used to buy his second clothes while he drove his rusted out shitty car to deliver pizzas in the ghetto area of Athens, Alabama.

So, why should I be so angry at someone who was born poor, speaks English so badly that he's unintelligible to others, has the worldview and religious beliefs of a medieval peasant, cleans bathrooms where he works for a living and is obese because of the fat-laced bulk food he feels thankful for?

What a fucking loser!

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