Awesome story! It made me hard and cumb all over my keyboard... yum! - Nimbusters

Awesome story! It made me hard and cumb all over my keyboard... yum!

by BigAl, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 20:22 (366 days ago) @ Abrar Ahmad

I especially liked the part where she took the PISS in her mouth and up her nose! Awesome!!

Here is one of my personal fave's - Enjoy!!


Imagine my shock to see a young man on his hands and knees in my daughter's bedroom. Never mind he was last year's star quarterback at her high school, and now he was earning local fame as the first freshman quarterback first string at the college that gave him a full ride. Her door had been left slightly ajar, and I could clearly see the look of ecstasy on his face as he pushed his ass back towards my eighteen year old daughter. She had her hands on both of his hips and she was ramming a thick rubber cock into his 19 year old eager ass.

I stood there for several long minutes; watching, listening, and not really knowing what to do. Then my daughter looked up and smiled at me. She then crooked a finger and motioned me to come closer, all without losing her rhythm. In a trance like state, I approached. The young man my daughter was putting it to, didn't seem to notice as I fully entered my daughter's room. "You like my dick, daddy?" Kelly asked with a smile. The boy looked up, his eyes wide with shock and humiliation, but my daughter continued to ram his ass with her rubber cock without losing a beat. "Brian likes my dick," Kelly continued nonchalantly, "don't you?" She asked as she gave him an extra hard thrust that rocked him forward. He moaned, half closing his eyes, "yes, ma' am." "I think it's time you tried some of the real thing, open my dad's pants and suck his dick like I taught you." "Honey," I started, but I didn't move as I felt my zipper opened. "I don't think..." My pants and boxers were pulled to my ankles freeing my half hard dick. "It's a good..."

His mouth was on my dick and the protest ended. He was quite good, and I wondered how much cock sucking practice he'd had sucking her rubber one. He licked and sucked his way down my shaft, expertly gobbling down my full length until his nose was buried in my pubes, quickly bringing my half hard cock to full staff. He began to bob his head on my cock in time to the ass fucking he was receiving from my daughter. I began to really get into the blowjob, the first I'd had in at least 5 years. I began grunting and groaning as I felt my orgasm approaching and then with a sudden release, my balls tightened and I began shooting my load into his eagerly sucking mouth. He moaned as he swallowed my spunk down, and then when he'd gotten every last drop he released my member from between his lips. "Come here daddy." Kelly said, she as didn't even pause in ramming her dick into Brian's ass. I'd come this far, so I walked to where she was standing between Brian's legs. "Dad, it's kinda rude you are the only one standing here with your clothes still on." Taking the hint I stripped. Once naked, I took full notice of my now grown daughter. How had I missed her growing into a woman? He body was tight and athletic; no surprise since she'd played soccer her entire life and was captain of the varsity team. Her breasts were full, and firm, better than her mother's had ever been, and it made me wonder where she'd gotten them. Her thick full lips spread into a smile as she noticed me checking her out. She reached a hand out and gently stroked my re-hardening dick. "You think I'm pretty daddy?" She asked batting her eyes in an innocent manner that belied what was really going on here. Yes, baby. I always have." "But did you ever think about fucking your little girl like you are now?" "No." I admitted, honestly. "Maybe you'll get to today." She said thoughtfully, "but first..." She pulled her rubber dick free of Brian's ass, "show me what you can do." Kelly moved out from behind Brian and I stepped in. She immediately moved to his head and pulled him up by his hair to bring his mouth to her strap-on. I watched in shock as he took what had just been in his ass, between his lips without protest.

I lined my cock up with Brian's already well fucked hole, and despite the fact I had never before considered doing anything like it, I rammed my dick into his young, manly ass. He moaned as he took my full 9" length deep into his bowels and I felt his anus clench tight on my cock. It felt pretty incredible and somehow taking a man, even a young one, barely 19, made me feel more powerful than I had having sex with any woman. I grabbed hold of his narrow hips and began to slide my cock in and out of his ass, first with long slow strokes but as his moans encouraged me, I began to pick-up my pace. "Oh yeah daddy! Fuck his black ass ass real good!" My daughter cheered, "Reach around and grab his dick in your hand, and feel how hard he is from taking your cock up his ass." I did as she said, grabbing his young hard dick firmly in my hand. He groaned as he pushed forward into my hand and his ass clenched all the tighter on my cock. He seemed harder than steel and he seemed to go wild beneath me. I quickly realized he was trying to cum in my hand. I relaxed my hand and I heard him moan with frustration even as he ground his ass backwards onto my manhood. "You fuck him good daddy." Kelly said as she pulled her rubber dick from Brian's mouth. She walked towards me, running her hands along Brian's back as she approached me.

As I continued to ram my dick deep into her boyfriend's ass my daughter ran her hands up my chest. Her fingers slid into my hair and slowly she pulled my head closer to her. I didn't resist as she brought our lips together for a kiss. Her tongue passed through my lips and began twining with my tongue immediately. I moaned into the kiss as my left hand left Brian's hip and began to massage my own daughter's soft and supple breast, causing her to moan back. She finally broke the kiss, running her hands along my upper body as she moved behind me, her fingers tracing lines over my back. I felt her lips on my back as her fingers moved down to cup my buttocks. "You are so sexy!" Kelly whispered as she kissed her way lower.

Her hands were tracing over my ass and lower back and her lips were getting lower. I felt her grab my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, and then I felt her tongue lightly glide part way down my ass crack. It felt surprisingly good and I moaned in response.

Slowly she licked her way up and down my ass crack, getting deeper with every pass, and then she was running her tongue over and around my anus. It felt incredible and I found myself moaning louder.

Then I felt her press her tongue into my ass. My eyes shot open as I groaned. I couldn't believe my daughter was tongue fucking my ass!

I was still slowly fucking Brian's ass, working my dick in and out of him in slow and steady thrusts but every thrust of Kelly's tongue into my ass made my cock jump excitedly.

After several blissful moments, I felt Kelly pull back and then her finger was pushing into my ass.

"This is so turning me on! Brian, tell my dad what you want."

"I want you to fuck me." Brian whispered.

"What was that?" Kelly asked as she stood up behind me. I could feel some cool liquid dripping down my ass crack.

"Fuck me, please Mr. Anderson." Brian said and he seemed to be genuinely pleading. "I need your thick cock. Please sir, keep fucking me."

"Good boy." Kelly cooed, as I felt her pressing her rubber cock up against the crack of my ass.

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