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Oris Grim describes his visit to Lloyd's apartment

by Nimonians, Friday, September 22, 2017, 18:26 (299 days ago)

I happened to be traveling through Huntsville, Alabama early this
morning, I decided to stop in Athens and see just how tough Lloyd
Davies was going to act when he saw me in person.
Many of you know that a few years ago, Lloyd got smart with several
people in the Deja Newsgroup (now Google) and I issued a challenge to
him. I told him I would be attending the Dalton, Ga. Hamfest if he
wanted to continue the conversation. He said he would be there and he
was going to kick my ass.
Well, Lloyd was a no-show and continued the verbal assault on the
newsgroups. He always talks tough behind his keyboard. And, I
understand he is now doing the same sort of thing on the NIM Busters
Well, about 8.35 this morning (December 23, 2004) I located his
apartment in a nasty looking section of town. I'm a pretty good sized
man, but I put my gun in my back waistband after exiting the car. I
located his apartment and knocked on the door. The doorbell was missing
and bare wires were sticking out of the wall. I heard someone say I'm
coming and shortly the door opened with a safety chain lock still
engaged. He asked what I wanted and I introduced myself and asked if we
could have a conversation. He turned white as a sheet and attempted to
slam the door, but I already had a foot wedged in the opening. He
started shaking uncontrollably and was shouting leave me alone, leave
me alone! I told him he didn't seem so tough now face to face and then
noticed a putrid odor of urine and he was pissing his pants and crying
like a baby. Please leave me alone Oris he said, I was just having fun
and meant no harm, please leave, please. I could see the filthy floor
of this apartment and the dirty floors and the stench of a grown man
pissing on himself were almost enough to make me want to vomit, and I
don't have a queasy stomach. Upon telling him that this time he would
escape a ass kicking and not to ever get a smart mouth with me again
and a verbal yes from him, I departed. That apartment complex looked
like a crackhouse, niggers everywhere, filthy grounds and stairwells.
Junk cars everywhere and garbage overflowing the garbage cans.

This Lloyd is nothing more than white trash that delivers pizzas and
couldn't afford to take a trip out of town if the ticket cost $5.00.
I'm sending this to a friend who despises Lloyd Davies and he wanted to
post it for everyone to see just what kind of chickenshit asshole this
Davies really is.

Oris Grim

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