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**disist** Did you mean desist, retard?

by Pedo Makes Good Spell!, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 12:27 (282 days ago) @ N9OGL

He is a man child and reminds posters here of themselves? hes into sex dolls and minecraft and paragliders, and hes almost 50.


He's also 49 years old and lives with his parents, who are his legal guardians and have power of attorney over him. Toad has no social skills, no friends his own age, just an old guy K9GO who looks at him like a "Son". Toad says he has a "Write Disability" and has threatened to sue people under the Americans with Disability Act.


Toad has the mental mind of an 8 year old. But all he wants is to be left alone to his lolicon collection and to play games just like an 8 year old.


Mental retardation runs strong in the N9OGL Todd Daugherty. Only his younger brother is normal. The rest are genetic defectives from inbreeding as Toad's parents are 1st cousins.


Llardass is only slightly better than the miscreant Toad. Not by much. Both are highly detestable individuals but the Toad is more of a burden to his family, himself, and society.


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