Lloyd is superior to Toad in very possible way. - Nimbusters

Lloyd is superior to Toad in very possible way.

by Nimonians, Thursday, September 07, 2017, 12:11 (290 days ago) @ .

Lloyd is 5'9, Toad is 5'6
Lloyd lives on his own, Toad is under his parents guardianship
Lloyd works and pay his own bills, Toad is on welfare and ObamaCare
Lloyd has a sense of humor, Toad has none.
Lloyd has never been arrested. Toad has been arrested several times.
Lloyd would win a MMA match against Toad in under 10 seconds.
Lloyd loves to look at adult women porn. Toad loves child porn.

Lloyd is 5'6" 350 Lbs.
Lloyd is living with his parents (again) in Belle Plaine, Iowa.
Lloyd is unemployed he gets a day labor job every now and again.
Lloyd does have a sense of humor.
Lloyd has been arrested multiple times.
If Toad slipped and Lloyd sat on him and crushed him.
Lloyd is a pedophile and loves little boys.

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