Proof Dr Who is a GAY poofter. (..which is why lloyd LOVES him so much!) - Nimbusters

Proof Dr Who is a GAY poofter. (..which is why lloyd LOVES him so much!)

by Nimonians, Wednesday, September 06, 2017, 21:27 (290 days ago) @ Peter Fruitsklicer

MUCH good stuff at this link check it out!

The Tardis:

Doctor Who has his own personal closet called “The Tardis”. He comes out of this several times every episode. Clearly a gay reference to pollute our innocent children into choosing the gay deathstyle. There is a special Wikia for the Tardis that has the following to say about sex: “sex could be practised between two or more individuals of the same gender, which rarely had any procreative implications at all“. This is not even close to a proper Christian marriage! And duh! on the “rarely had any procreative implications“. Even a retard knows that sex between individuals of the same gender can never result in children. Except for the poor retards that watch Doctor Who. They lost every connection to reality and believe that trashcans can fly.:-D :-D

Lloyd was gay long before Dr. Who. Lloyd always fancied himself a Brit and would post as someone named "Bull" and others as well as his usual socks...

Porky is as queer as "A Football Bat," and can suck an orange through a 50 ft. garden hose. He sucked so hard on Steve Holestains dick that Holestain suffered from a prolapsed anus.

Has anyone noticed that Porky doesn't post anymore? He doesn't have access to a computer at his parents home and is too busy trying to find employment in that bustling city of Belle Plaine, Iowa.

I hope his parents get sick of his shit and toss him out again like they did years ago. Who knows where he'll end up this time. Maybe in Maryland with his old queer buddy, Ray Chason Jr. The confederate creep that played dungeons and dragons like Porky did to lure little boys into their cornholing den.

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