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The Life of Lloyd

by Polly W4FQF, Friday, July 07, 2017, 21:10 (318 days ago)

Bodacious is a whole lotta' pork
over two hundred ninety pounds, a dumbass dork.
He's born in Missouri
and he's the dumbest sonofabitch around here.
If a pig faced pizza boy ever were a super star
then Porky just might be the owner of a gay bar.
He's a ghastly pale porker, has been,
full-fledged, mentally ill pizza delivery boy.

Who's gonna ride Bodacious?
Steve Holsten!
Who's gonna tame him down?
Steve Holsten!
Who's gonna turn him face down?
Steve Holsten!
Here comes Bodacious,
He's so fat you have to turn him on his side.
Big and bad Bodacious
takes a Pedo like Holsten to get a ride.

Young Bo met a man named Steve Holestain
at the start of his gay fuckin' game
and Holestain became one of the few to blow his whistle
back when you used to cornhole in fields of thistle.
Steve tried to ride Bo again last Thanksgiving
But Porky bucked him of, he didn't feel like giving.
Bodacious had got a little older and wiser
About Aids, Pedo's and Budweiser.....

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