by ., Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 02:25 (369 days ago)

I didn't lie fucker, you just can't read.

I can read and type just fine. You obviously can't.

You stated the state gave you an IQ test in 2005. Which of course they never did because the 'state" wouldn't give you an IQ test period unless you were sentenced to prison for a very long time and that would be on the request of a defense attorney.

No job or college in Illinois has required an IQ test in decades.

So you are lying.

You are also lying about being one class short of a degree. You claimed on usenet in 2005 that you were going to have your degree by the end of the semester.

Which of course would be impossible considering by your own admission you signed up for college in 2005 and took an entrance exam, and failing the English portion of that test.

Which means you would have had to take English 001, 002, 101, 102 and a 200 level course, ALL IN ONE SEMESTER!!! Then take the 60 credits required for an associates degree.

You are such a liar Toad

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