Disorderly conduct at the solmar suites hotel&beach resort down in Cabo San Lucas sur califorina mexico.

by Pepe Frogger, Monday, July 26, 2021, 16:32 (130 days ago)

Stephanie Tanner, Anna Chlumsky&David Carcuso were on patrol. David&Anna told Stephanie to check downstairs in the pool changeroom. So stephanie went down&encountered Arnold Shwarzenegger. Arnold demanded her clothes, she refused, then he taatcked her stripping off her venom custome while the arnab sihk came to whack her down&brushed her custome to shreds&tatters. So Stephanie was laying down barenaked, Divid got the call, told Anna to go down&get her&left to. Anna came down&saw what was happening. So she told them whats going on&fazed off her spiderman mask. Anna tried to lift stephane over her head with her cock brushing up her hair, then the arab sihk volunteered&lifted stephanie over his head with her cock knocking up on his turbin carrying her up, through the restauarant&out in the pool area like that while yellying "HUTTA HUTTA UTTA UTTA!!! repeateatled. when the got to the pool area, they wakled her up the water slide steps onto the platform in front of a bunch of 10-12 year old girls like that. So stephnie got on the water slide with a 10-13 year old girl laying on her legs named myrtle styles everette, the arab wrapped an indian roti around stephanies cock with brownish greenish daal spreaded on smudgeing around her cock, then Arnold put the cheese slice between stephanies cock&mrytles nose. After that they slided down the tube tunnell like that into the swimming pool, Stephanie ejaculated alot&pissed alot through the cheese slice on myrtles nose with the soaked roti wrapped around her cock washing off along with the cheese slice. Then Anna swam in without her spiderman custome&only her two piece pink biklini on. Anna lifted Stephanie over her head, then they both went underneath the waterfall, when they were done they went out to lounge on the pool deck, Anna layed face up between stepthanies legs, stephanie spreaded her soaked hairs around her cock, the put her cock over her face on her nose, then Tatsu came along&begged stephanie to fuck him instead of anna, so Anna went to go fuck Myrtle while Tatasu layed between her legs, Stephanie dipped her cock in indian sweet milky rusmalai swriled her ccock in it abosrbing&dissoling them all into her cock. Then she started to snub her cock into his bald ass head, so she ejaculated more&pissed more all over his head. Then she got on top of him&brushed her cock in his moustache. So she ejaculated even more&pissed even more into his moustache soaking it up all across his face while he, Anna&myrtle were pinching her ass. Then Stephanie got down to fuck him even more in the head while some guys passed by pelting a basketball in his face. Then she ejaculate so much&piss so much all over his head&face. When she was done she passed out after tirinig alot.

Hey Trouble Runt......why don’t you whine like a kike to Mickey about this worthless maggot?

by Only Posts About Lloyd Trigger Him, Monday, July 26, 2021, 17:04 (130 days ago) @ Pepe Frogger

Faggot maggot


I will strip them both barenaked&knock them out with a baseball bat.

by Pepe Frogger, Monday, July 26, 2021, 17:13 (130 days ago) @ Only Posts About Lloyd Trigger Him

After that I will lay 1 of them down with her legs haging over a rod. Then iam going to put the other one face down on that womans balls&cock. Her chin chin snubb on her cock while her nose snubs on her balls.

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